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The Municipality of Phoenix

December 28, 2017

The City of Phoenix is the capital and most populous city of the U.S. State of Arizona. Phoenix is the fifth most populous city nationwide with 1,615,017 people (as of 2016), the most populous state capital in the United States, and the only state capital with a population of more than one million residents.



Phoenix is known as Valley of the Sun because of its year-round sun and warm temperatures. Phoenix is the seat of Maricopa Country and it is the largest city in the state with 517.9 square miles (1,341 km2), more than twice the size of Tucson. In addition, the metropolitan area is the 12th largest by population in the United States with approximately 4.3 million people as of 2010 and one of the largest cities in the United States.


Phoenix is the cultural center of the Valley of the Sun, as well sa the entire state because of is locally known as the 5c’s of Phoenix economy and they are cotton, cattle, citrus, climate, and copper. The City of Phoenix was an average of four percent annual population growth rate over a 40-year period from the mid-1960s to the mid-200s. During the Great Recession of 2007-09, the growth rate slowed and has rebounded slowly.


The Phoenix airport is located in east of downtown at the metro area near several major freeway interchanges. The airport serves more than 100 cities with non-stop flights and serving over 110,000 people on over 1000 flights per day.  Phoenix airport is one of the ten busiest airports in the United States was providing flights to destinations such as Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, and London. Domestically, in addition to American, other carriers include Alaska Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, and United


Aside of air transportation, Phoenix has also have a land transportation, the Rail and bus and Roads and freeways. The Land transportation of Phoenix was provides public transportation throughout the metropolitan area. 3.38% of workers commute by public transit. Valley Metro's 20-mile (32 km) light rail project, called Valley Metro Rail, through north-central Phoenix, downtown, and eastward through Tempe and Mesa, opened December 27, 2008. Future rail segments of more than 30 miles (48 km) are planned to open by 2030. In the quality of bridges, Phoenix is the whole ranks first in the nation and ranks first in the quality of its urban freeways. Phoenix’s freeways do not suffer from the same type of congestion seen in other large cities. In fact, in a recent study, there is not a single stretch of freeway in Phoenix ranked in the 100 worst freeways for either congestion or unreliability.


Being located in the desert, Phoenix relies on a water supply delivered to the city via a system of canals which divert water from the region's rivers and lakes, with the largest portion of the city’s water coming from the Colorado River through the Central Arizona Project's canal. And the Phoenix metropolitan area is serviced by 56 hospitals and medical centers for your health care.


Sightseeing in Phoenix - Where to Go

November 22, 2017

Phoenix is known for its warm temperature and dry weather that attract numerous of visitors from different cities. There are absolutely different amazing beautiful scenic spots that are enjoyable to visit in this city. By seeing its attraction it helps us to refresh and relax as we explore it. What’s good in this city is their calm weather that is ideal anytime to do outdoor activities as well especially during winter such as hiking, biking picnicking and more. But before you visit and learn more about in Phoenix with these amazing tourist spot, be informed first to these top rated sights for you to go.

Where are these ideal places?

Papago Park
Have you think to go for a picnic with family? Or maybe biking? Well, Papago Park would be ideal for it. This park is located in Galvin Park Phoenix AZ. The park covered 1, 200 acres that offers a nice scenery and can do an enjoyable activities as well. If you love fishing, there’s a place for you here, so ready your fishing rod and catch different kinds of fishes on the fishing lagoons. Aside from fishing, this place is good to walk and biking especially in the morning, with your friends or family. The two best tourist spots are also near on the park which is the Desert Botanical Garden and The Phoenix zoo.

North Mountain Preserve and Shaw Butte
Speaking of mountain, North Mountain Preserve and Shaw Butte is one of most attractive and popular mountain in the city of Phoenix, and of course to do outdoor recreation in several hiking trails. This preserved mountain is one the best landmark in Phoenix AZ and also the South Mountain Park and Camelback Mountain. By hiking in these mountain, you’ll experience to see the beauty of flora and fauna which consist of different species or plants and animals. But remember keep safe and bring enough of water when planning to do a hike.

Mystery Castle
The first thing that would come up on your mind is this would be a mysterious place. Well, actually you’ll know as you’ll come. But anyway, The Mystery castle was built under Boyce Luther Gulley for her daughter. This castle has unique story that can be treasured. Mystery Castle has its location in downtown phoenix just in the foothills of South Mountain Park, this place has been preserved for many years and designated as Phoenix Point of pride. With its unique features and architecture built, people keep coming to visit the place as well as to know its historical side.

The Phoenix Symphony
This place is ideal for music lovers. Phoenix symphony is a performing arts venue that is located at 75 North 2nd Street, Phoenix. It is the home of classical, pops music where it performed by professional musicians and said to be called as Arizona’s full time Philharmonic orchestra. They have musical shows that is based on their scheduled calendar of events which you can enjoy as you hear their winning performances. So grab your ticket now!




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